Veterinary Surgery

Care, Compassion and Commitment

Surgical Facilities

All our sterile operations are carried out in the main operating theatre. We always use the latest monitoring equipment to ensure the maximum safety for your pets during any procedure.

Relatively small in comparison to the main hospital, our surgery is fully equipped to carry out most necessary surgical procedures, and just like our main hospital uses the safest possible anaesthetic regimes as well as monitoring of heart function, blood pressure and breathing and IV fluids and patient warming -  to ensure the greatest safety for your pets during all types of operation. We can also take high quality digital xrays in the area if these are needed.

We will carry out many daily procedures including neutering and dental treatments at the surgery; sometimes larger operations /more complex procedures such as orthopaedic surgery or endoscopy, as well as pets who will need to stay and be cared for overnight, are best referred to the main hospital in Barnet - an ambulance transfer can be arranged if required. Please discuss any questions related to this / the best options for your pets with your vet.

Our aim is always to ensure that your pets remain as safe and comfortable as possible whenever they stay with us for an operation or procedure- so we provide the very best facilities and medical care possible.